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Public Art Projects
A series of projects in which hundreds of like sculptures were left in public places throughout the greater Madison area. Attached to each sculpture was a card with a series of questions about each project's theme. Finders of the sculptures were invited to keep the art, and reply to the questions via mail and e-mail addresses.

"Faith" Summary
> 500 steel & wire sculptures
> Questions about faith
> 53 responses
> Dist. 1998-99 - greater Madison

"Faith" Questions

> In what forces, people, etc. do you believe; where do you place your faith?
> Where does your faith come from? (religious background, upbringing, personal experiences/ research)
> What do you do to express or reaffirm your faith?
> What is the purpose of faith (what would be missing from your life without it)?
> Does your personal moral/ethical system come from your faith?
> Is it possible to have a moral/ethical system without having faith?