Art will happen, even in the cold

I’m a true Midwestern girl: I like my change of seasons, including winter when everything sleeps. Winter means changes in my routine as an artist. There’s less light to photograph my finished pieces. And my studio ventilation system sucks air directly from the outside.


My ventilated studio: grey welding curtain on the left, double-fan system at top, and steel-covered work table at the bottom.

Whenever I work with glass, I need to ventilate, since the MAPP gas torch gives off carbon monoxide as a byproduct.
It’s worth it to make my little glass flowers. I also ventilate — no matter what time of year — when I’m spraying aerosols (paint, glue etc) and when I’m welding with my oxy-acetylene torch.

Working in the winter-time studio means extra steps to my ‘protective gear’ getup, to make sure I stay warm and focused!